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For all chess-players, from rookies to global champions, from teenagers to seniors, supplying checkmate is the best thrill the sport has to provide. the facility to identify checkmates is an important ability - and this easy-to-use booklet exhibits you ways it's performed. With the aid of Grandmaster John Nunn, you can be able to surprise your subsequent opponent with a dangerous checkmate, even if in a college fit, a membership match - or perhaps a championship game!By focusing completely on positions from genuine video games, starting from junior occasions to grandmaster encounters, Nunn guarantees that the pals featured are these which come up almost always in genuine existence. He additionally highlights topics and concepts which are usually ignored in perform. whereas fixing those puzzles, your all-important 'mental library' of styles will develop, resulting in an instantaneous bring up on your enjoying strength.All 1001 puzzle positions were rigorously checked, and are graded by means of topic and hassle. issues are offered for locating the checkmate, so that you can degree your ability. many of the puzzles are appropriate for beginner and junior avid gamers. The final bankruptcy demanding situations you with 'extreme checkmates', yet don't be concerned: you may be prepared for them!

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1 "ikg8+! xe8 2 "ikg8+! works just as well. Wxg8 2 l:te8+ l:txe8 3 l:txe8# 1 112) J. Ramirez Garcia- Bolado Madrid Ch 2008/9 1 "ikxf7+! xf8#. This is a deeper version of the typical 'queen sacrifice on f7' idea first seen (with reversed colours) in Position 92. ••• Ho. Ledesma- W. Diaz Buenos Aires 2002 "ikxfl+! el#. 120) Joh. Bourne- Parkin British League (4NCL) 2000/1 1 "ikxf7+! d8+ White mates in two more moves. SOLUTIONS FOR BACK-RANK MATES 43 Degraeve-L. Arnold French Team Ch 2001 1 'ii'g7+!

Ledesma- W. Diaz Buenos Aires 2002 "ikxfl+! el#. 120) Joh. Bourne- Parkin British League (4NCL) 2000/1 1 "ikxf7+! d8+ White mates in two more moves. SOLUTIONS FOR BACK-RANK MATES 43 Degraeve-L. Arnold French Team Ch 2001 1 'ii'g7+! 1-0 129) N. l:txg7 2 fxg7+ 'iti>g8 3 �e8#. tf8+ lead to basically the same mate. h6#. 121) 122) Mastrovasilis - Stavrakakis Thessaloniki 2001 1 "ii'xfS+! d6+ 'iti>gS 3 �e8# N. Bojkovic -M. 'ii'xf4+! te3+ 3 'iti>bl �xdl#. 130) T. Willemze- V. 'iti>h8 2 �xf8#. 'iti>xf8 3 'ii'a8+ and mate next move.

E8#. 132) Lupulescu-L. rs 2 �f6+! t-o Mate follows after 2 ... 'iti>g8 3 'ii'g7#. 133) Y. Demina - Yul. Yakovich Eu ropean Women 's Ch , St Petersburg 2009 1 'ii'xd5+! 'ii'xd5 are both met by 2 �c8+ and mate next move. 2 'ii'xdS+! 1-0 Giri- R. Picard Russum 2009 1 'ii'xf7+! lt:Jxd8 3 �e8#. e6+ 'iti>h8 4 �xf8#. a 3 leads to mate in a few moves. 3 �xf8+! 'iti>xf8 4 �h8#. 134) E. Andreev-Aleskerov Cherepovets 2005 1 1\VcS+ i.. bS 2 1\VxbS+! c8#. 136) U. Krause- P. Rahls 2nd Bundesli Ra 200415 1 001 DEADLY CHECKMATES 44 l l:tg8+!

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