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By Steve Giddins

Steve Giddins has selected 50 supremely instructive video games - a few previous, a few new, and together with many who few readers could have noticeable sooner than. He has annotated those video games intimately from a contemporary point of view, explaining the invaluable classes that may be learnt from them, whereas heading off the dangerous dogma that characterised many older works of this kind. themes contain: Attacking the King, Defence, Piece energy, and Endgame topics. every one online game is by way of a recap of the most classes to be learned.

Giddins writes in a hugely available down-to-earth variety that appeals to membership gamers trying to enhance their figuring out of functional chess. His wisdom of Russian-language chess literature has enabled him to discover many fantastic examples that experience now not seemed in earlier western literature.

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3lZJc3 d5 4 d4 dxc4 5 lZJe5!? An unusual move. Generally, White plays 5 a4, to prevent Black from hanging on to the extra pawn by ... b5. • b5?! (D) It is naturally tempting to try to punish White for omitting a4, but the text-move is certainly somewhat risky. Simply 5 ... lZJbd7 6 lZJxc4 b5 gives Black a good game. w 6 g3lZJg4?! Following the more natural continuation 6 ... g2 'iWb6 8 a4 a6 9 e4, with good central control. g2lZJxe5 Now 9 ... b7? can be met by 10 lZJxb5, regaining the pawn with advantage.

Clearly, it follows from this that there are two cures for a cramped position- take more space, or else reduce the number of pieces one has. The former is not usually possible, so the main method of relieving a cramped position is to exchange pieces. In the present case, Black aims to do this by ... g4 and a subsequent exchange on f3. True, this would relinquish the two bishops, but the easing of Black's spatial inferiority should outweigh this. In addition, the exchange of the f3-knight would remove one of the key pieces which is supporting the d4-e5 pawnchain.

E6, ... b4, etc. The pawn thrust ... c5 is always in the air, while Black can also nibble at the white centre from the other side, with moves such as ... f6, and even occasionally the extravagant ... g5. While the Four Pawns remains a critical theoretical challenge to Black's opening, most modem grandmasters prefer to avoid such a committal approach in favour of a more restrained set-up. Short's choice is an example of this. White contents himself with two pawns in the centre, on the basis that these will be easier to maintain, and will still confer on White a space advantage, while restricting the scope of Black's active counterplay.

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