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An issue of Oaths

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The door alert sounded. He cursed. There was nobody in Achil zone to whom he wanted to speak. There was nobody in any zone in either Empire to whom he wanted to speak. Get gone, he wished the unknown visitor. Get gone and leave me to get drunk. The alert sounded again. Rafe pushed himself to his feet and went to answer it. If he did not, his visitor would only come back later, when he would be even less able to deal with them. ” he demanded as the door slid open at his touch. ” he corrected himself belatedly as he recognized his visitor.

Joshim laughed. “One day I may answer that. ” From the Old Empire Guild Bulletin, 200/5043 In Aramas zone, ship losses to the unidentified Outsiders continue. Convoys are being instituted on the routes of greatest risk, and extra patrolships assigned to the zone. At the request of the Guild Council, the Emperor Julur has dismissed Drevir Lord Rhamar as head of the team of diplomats and historians attempting to make contact with the Outsiders, and appointed Madjaya Lady Gremor, noted for her successful contact with the Lam-ti-ranog system (now Dasnar zone).

I never actually fainted,” she said eventually. ” She looked Rafe up and down slowly. “Of course, the provocation wasn’t quite as intense,” she added. “Of course, ma’am,” Rafe agreed seriously, taking the mug of alcad that Joshim handed him and raising it in salute. Rallya returned the salute with a single eyebrow. ” she asked sweetly. “Thank you, ma’am, yes. ” “Good. ” She turned to Vidar, who had finally stopped choking silently. ” she inquired. “I need her,” Vidar said firmly. “Then you shall have her,” Rallya said happily.

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