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By David Chandler

Condition made him a criminal.Destiny might make him a hero.

As a thief, Malden is extraordinary within the loose urban of Ness,and chuffed there. yet by means of saving the lifetime of theknight Croy, Malden has sure himself to an ancient,noble brotherhood . . . and he now possesses one ofonly seven historic Blades able to destroying demons.

Malden fears accompanying Croy and the barbarian MÖrgeton their quest to dispatch a nasty creature of nightmare . . .nor does he are looking to disturb the vengeful lifeless. yet with anassassin on his heels, the younger cutpurse is left with out choice.And there's the comely sorceress, Cythera, to consider--promised to Croy yet in love with Malden--not to mentionthe extraordinary treasure rumored to be hidden in thedepths of the demon's lair . . .

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Someone small. Lookat here, the straw is all crushed. And feel this. ” There was silence for a few moments, and then the man answered. ” “Of course I am, you idiot. There’s deer droppings all over the place down here. A blind man could see they sleep here all the time. ” “The door was closed, though. ” “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe that hole in the wall there. Kresimir, you’re dumb. Go check upstairs and let’s get back with the others. ” Norrine forced herself to take shallow breaths as the ladder creaked under the weight of someone large.

She couldn’t afford to mourn, not with Adro still several days away and so much at stake. The road soon left the high mountain passes from Norport and descended onto the Amber Expanse. Known as the breadbasket of the Nine Nations, the fields and pastures of the Expanse seemed to roll on indefinitely towards the horizon. Erika was glad to leave the snow behind even if the fall air was still 55 cold. Norrine rode in silence, avoiding Erika’s gaze. The northern highway wound along the foothills of the mountains, looking out over the expanse, turning northward toward the city of Budwiel.

One more thrust and she was inside Duglas’ guard, her sword flashing forward. She struck nothing but air. Duglas slid around the thrust with stunning swiftness and rammed his sword through Santiole’s heart in one quick, brutal thrust. The mistress-at-arms stiffened, letting out a single cry. In the time it took Duglas to force Santiole off the end of his blade with one boot, Erika was upon him. 52 He parried with the same casual technique he’d used on Santiole. Erika beat it aside and stuck the very tip of her sword into his left shoulder.

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