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By Rosalind Fergusson

Abbreviations ensue in each point of our day-by-day lives. a few became phrases of their personal correct, like radar and laser, and lots of are virtually by no means utilized in their complete shape (phone, MOT, DVD). Others, like cf., ibid. and viz., are usually noticeable yet fewer and less folks understand what they stand for. millions extra belong to professional jargon, understood via insiders - TLAs (three-letter acronyms) akin to WAN or WAP and different acronyms resembling NIMBY and BOGOF. This new ebook offers motives for over 8,000 entries, and covers the whole diversity of topic components together with legislations, computing, aviation, politics and drugs, in addition to chemical symbols and txt msgs. From GDP to WHO and CPR to IMHO, this publication provides you with the which means of each abbreviation you ever questioned approximately.

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Committee 4. POLITICS commonwealth comp. 1. companion 2. GRAMMAR comparative 3. compare 4. HUMAN RESOURCES compensation 5. COMPUTING compilation 6. COMPUTING compiled 7. complete 8. MUSIC composer 9. composite 10. composition 11. compound 12. comprehensive 13. comprising compar. GRAMMAR comparative compd compound CON COMPUTING console con. 1. MUSIC concerto 2. LAW conclusion 3. TELECOMMUNICATIONS, TRANSPORT connection 4. COMMERCE consolidated 5. continued 6. contra Con. 1. CHRISTIANITY Conformist 2.

BANKING Chartered Institute of Bankers 2. POLICE Criminal Investigation Branch CICA ACCOUNTING Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants CID 1. VETERINARY MEDICINE cattle identification document 2. ONLINE consider it done (used in e-mails) 3. POLICE the detective branch of the UK police force. Full form Criminal Investigation Department 4. ONLINE crying in disgrace (used in Internet chat rooms and text messages) CIDR COMPUTING a system of organising IP addresses that is more compact and efficient, using a prefix number to separate them into smaller groups.

Dinky / dŋki/ SOCIAL SCIENCES either member of a couple who both have careers, usually in well-paid jobs, and who have no children. Full form dual (or double) income, no kids (yet) DIMM din DIN dinky The acronym dinky or DINKY, one of a number coined in the late 20th century to denote various socioeconomic groups, has entered the language as a noun in its own right. Of the other coinages, only yuppie (young urban [or upwardly mobile] professional) has stood the test of time; those that have fallen by the wayside include pippie (person inheriting parents’ property), woopy (well-off older person), yappy (young affluent parent), LOMBARD (loads of money but a right dickhead), SINBAD (single income, no boyfriend, absolutely desperate), OINK (one income, no kids), and SINK (single, independent, no kids), and SWELL (single woman earning lots in London).

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