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NdRu4 As12 – has not been synthesized. NdOs4 As12 – only crystallography data have been reported for this compound (see table 1). NdFe4 Sb12 – only crystallography data have been reported for this compound (see table 1). 3 K. 45µB and a Weiss temperature of −28 K. Crystal fields likely effect the susceptibility and magnetic interactions for temperatures below 50 K. Low temperature heat capacity data confirm the bulk nature of the magnetic transition (Takeda and Ishikawa, 2000b). , 1995). This transition was proposed on the basis of scanning calorimetry measurements and the huge room temperature value for the Nd atomic displacement parameter (Beq = 4 Å2 ).

Introduction to thermoelectric materials and devices As mentioned in sect. , 1996; FILLED SKUTTERUDITES 27 Fig. 21. Real part of the conductivity of YbFe4 Sb12 . The symbols on the left axis represent dc values at different temperatures. Below T ∗ (≈ 50 K), a narrow peak at zero frequency and a gap-like feature at ≈ 18 meV gradually develop. Inset: Renormalized band structure calculated from the Anderson lattice Hamiltonian. εk and εf denote bands of free carriers and localized electrons, respectively.

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