Download Aprendiz de Brujo (Monografias De Jugadores) by David Bronstein, Tom Furstenberg PDF

By David Bronstein, Tom Furstenberg

En este instructivo y entretenido libro para jugadores de todas las edades, el legendario David Bronstein, artista y mago del tablero, invita al lector a convertirse en su aprendiz. Bronstein comienza con cuarenta recomendaciones para el principiante

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58 Intermediate Level Chapter 4: Exercise 19 D Capablanca • Janowsky New York 1916 Black to Play A famous case of Black resigning in a drawn position. Can you find the right plan? Chapter 4: Exercise 20 D Fischer • Taimanov Vancouver 1971 Black to Play How can Black draw? , which he thought was winning. However I was able to show him my intended drawing resource. Can you find the way for Black to survive? 13 2 lbd2 f2 3 lbe4+ ~e5 4 lbxf2 cJ;;f4 5 c4 ~g3 6 lbe4+ cJ;;xh3 7 lbf6 but, somewhere in this line, Karsten Muller found a drawing resource.

Are you ready to get down to some serious solving? Read on! Hints can be found in Chapter Six. Solutions and detailed endgames are to be found in Chapter Ten. 49 Test Your Endgame Thinking Chapter 4: Exercise 1 o Short • Nunn Brussels 1986 White to Play White has a material advantage but Black has active play around the white king. Should White still be looking to win or is it time to bailout with a draw? Find the best line of play. Chapter 4: Exercise 2 o Karpov • Timman Tilburg 1977 (Analysis position) White to Play Is White winning?

Vincent 2002 White to Play What should White do here? 35 Test Your Endgame Thinking Chapter 3: Exercise 17 o Kosten • Adorjan Esbjerg 1988 Black to Play Can you find a way for Black to win? Chapter 3: Exercise 18 o Euwe • Alekhine Holland (match) 1935 (Analysis position) White to Play In Mastering the Endgame I stopped here and foolishly claimed that the position was drawn as White has nowhere to hide. Karsten Muller pointed out to me that White can indeed win. Can you see how? 36 Basic Endgames Chapter 3: Exercise 19 D Flear • Maurer Nice 2000 (Analysis position) Black to Play In Mastering the Endgame I claimed that White was winning, but Karsten MUller found a draw for Black.

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