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By Marjorie M. Liu

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Yet the Book had a question mark by her name. Her destiny had not yet been decided, oddly. What was the problem? Was he going to have to find a special purpose for her? This promised to be more work than her payment of a year of service would be worth. The Magician sighed. What use could he make of an innocent girl without a Purpose? He already had someone to wash the dishes and to pick up dirty socks. In any event, this girl was a crossbreed, half-dragon, and would require considerably more challenge.

She nodded, though evidently perplexed. " But the Good Magician was already looking through the Book of Answers for the next situation, which would involve three little princesses and a bird. Wira guided Becka out. 1. DASTARD The Dastard walked through the forest, looking for mischief. It had taken him a while to get the hang of living without a soul, and to learn to use his talent effectively, but now it had been four years since his deal with the demon, and he was ready to make more of an impression on the Land of Xanth.

You could unhappen events. " They talked about it, and finally Anomy was satisfied. He handed over his soul and took the talent, and the deal was done. Neither of them thought about the possible long-term consequences. PART 3 RULE OF TEN The ancient old wizened little man pored over his huge tome, searching for an Answer. " he muttered grumpily. A woman appeared in the doorway, locating it by memory and touch. " she inquired. The Magician looked up. Ordinarily he hated company, but his son's wife had a benign effect on him.

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