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Physicists are wondering at the danger of simulating black holes within the laboratory via quite a few ''analog models''. those analog versions, generally in response to condensed subject physics, can be utilized to aid us comprehend common relativity (Einstein’s gravity); conversely, summary strategies built often relativity can occasionally be used to aid us comprehend sure facets of condensed topic physics. This publication includes thirteen chapters — written through specialists mostly relativity, particle physics, and condensed topic physics — that discover quite a few elements of this two-way site visitors.

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65) Here the integral runs over the two-dimensional event horizon, and e denotes the two-dimensional Levi-Civita symbol defined on the event horizon. ) This example is enough to drive home a key point: Entropy equals area (plus corrections) if and only if the Lagrangian is Einstein-Hilbert (plus corrections). So calculations of black hole entropy are implicitly calculations of the Lagrangian governing the geometry [23]. 28 Introduction and survey There are some interesting quirks of history here: Historically Bekenstein's notion of black hole entropy came first, and Hawking radiation was discovered as a side effect of trying to make the notion of black hole entropy consistent with ordinary thermodynamics.

The analogy is not an identity, nevertheless enough features are shared in common to make the model very useful and very interesting. 1 Ingredients The basic idea is to consider a non-relativistic, irrotational, barotropic fluid. The fluid should be irrotational since in this case the velocity is completely specified by a scalar field, which does not have to be single-valued: V x » = 0; => v = Vxp. 29) Introduction 16 and survey Thus there is hope that the sound waves, which we shall soon see are merely linearized fluctuations in the velocity field, can also be described by a scalar field.

Nature 248 (1974) 30-31. [21] S. W. Hawking, "Particle creation by black holes", Commun. Math. Phys. 43 (1975) 199-220. Matt Visser 33 [22] M. Visser, "Acoustic propagation in fluids: horizons, ergospheres, and Hawking radiation", Class. Quantum Grav. 15 (1998) 1767-1791; [grqc/9712010]. [23] M. Visser, "Hawking radiation without black hole entropy", Phys. Rev. Lett. 80 (1998) 3436-3439; [gr-qc/9712016]. [24] A. D. Sakharov, "Vacuum Quantum Fluctuations In Curved Space And The Theory Of Gravitation", Sov.

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