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After m aking this lnvana1 inv-a'-" )ve� s--­ move Reshevsky offered a draw white-Bronsrel1nTh1ntR B-BS Threatening m ate by 42 BK-Nl 43 B-R6dis ch. B6 N-KS Reshevsky's third draw offer in the game. 41 B8ch •. 27 CHESS AND PSYCHOLOGY 45 R-K8 P-B4 46 B-B4 B-Q3 47 P-B7 BxNPch 48 K-N2 BxP 49 R-K7ch K-B3 50 RxB P-BS 5 1 K -B3 Resigns. Mikenas-Bronstein Already Bronstein has the germ of an idea of giving mate on the back rank , but at t h e moment White i s sufficiently well protected , viz 20 . . RxP ?

No doubt this combination arose because of some associa tion of ideas. with a winni-ng-�-atta. In this way the origin of an intuitive com binative solution is explained by comparing the current position with an ide�. retained in the memory fro m past experien ce. The elements of difference and similarity in these positions appear in the su bco nscious process of comparison . Probably the mechanics of comparing the present with past experience remain unchan ged in principle even in the case of intuitive i deas of a more general strategic order.

Q-B6ch 4 KxN Black has no compensation for the great loss in materia l. Anyway there was no real choi ce, I decided to play 1. NxBP. To my great relief Scherbakov continued 2 NxB N·R6ch 3 K·RI Now , whilst deliberating over my move, I saw two variations, one beginning with check by --1tfhhe-queen-olJ K86, but the othel with the-move R-R7_ I tlied to Jlra��e--'llTlly"'se=HlfF----­ reconsider these variations, but I was unable to concentrate, as I could only think how good it was tha t I had forced the draw and quite a pretty one at tha t .

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